Dropbox Goes from 100GB to 1TB

I am a happy Dropbox customer. Yes, I am eagerly awaiting iCloud Drive but Dropbox has remained a valued tool to keep my files synced across  two Macs, an iPhone, and an iPad. My only complaint was the price: $9.99 for 100GB of storage.  This may have been considered a good buy two-three years ago, but that isn’t the case any longer. As of today, this isn’t an issue any longer. Dropbox goes from 100GB to 1TB in, what I consider, a strategic move to keep Pro users who might drop for Google or iCloud Drive(s).  

Dropbox Increase to 1TB

Dropbox Goes from 100GB to 1TB

I saw this reported first on mashable.com in an article written by Christina Warren. Users who pay $9.95 for 100GB storage will now receive 1TB. Users who paid for 200 or 500 will see the same increase PLUS a decrease in future billing plus a partial refund. Dropbox also adds several new features such as:

  • Remote wipe of device(s)
  • Password Protection of files
  • Read Only Access

These may seem irrelevant and some may say that you can get 1TB with other services for the same or cheaper. I’ve used Google Drive, OneDrive and a variety of others. For my experience using a Mac, Google Drive was slow and appeared to be bandwidth heavy when syncing. OneDrive seemed slow.  Dropbox, on the other hand, just worked!

I’ve even tested Justcloud.com – much to my dislike, dismay, distaste, etc. I wrote about this experience in my post 10 Reasons to Avoid Using Justcloud.com.


Storage Wars

Who will win the war for cloud storage? I hope we don’t have an answer to this question in the immediate future becuase I don’t want to see a winner. Competition is healthy and it keeps the providers on their toes!

I like Dropbox.  Which do you prefer for your cloud storage provider?


About Christina Warren

I would like to note that Christina Warren was quick to respond to a comment I added on Mashable.com.  That comment is shown below.  I compliment her on the quick reply!  To learn more about Christina, click here.

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