FCC Questions Verizon

Verizon has good coverage in the Hattiesburg area, but customer service is the proverbial horse of a different color. While that story is a post for another time, I found the following story interesting.



Verizon 4G Unlimited Throttle



FCC Questions Verizon


We are fall familiar with the throttling of data by major carriers – especially on unlimited plans. In the past, this has mostly been done for 3G speeds; however, Verizon is moving into the 4G category.


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on Wednesday grilled Verizon on its plans to slow down the data of the top 5 percent of 4G LTE unlimited users.
(Quote from Original TechCrunch article.)


This is scheduled to begin in October.




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What do YOU Think?


I am quite curious to see how this plays out.  Again, I have no problem with their service in Hattiesburg, MS. Please note that I said SERVICE and not CUSTOMER SERVICE.  On that front, I find their customer service to be lacking – quite lacking to be honest. My opinion is formed from a situation lasting from July 2013 – June 2014 and over 100 pages of email documentation.  They have great phones and good data – again, for the most part.  I hope that my situation is the exception and not the norm.


Verizon Wireless "Rule the Air" Ad C...

Verizon Wireless “Rule the Air” Ad Campaign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am curious to know.  What do you think about the plans to throttle unlimited 4G users?




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