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I’ve always worked hard and strived to please.  Yet, I never understood why it was important to always do your best.

This sentence may sound like I don’t understand the concept of doing your best but that isn’t what I mean at all.  

Back to Childhood

My parents instilled within me as a core part of who I am that you should always do your best – no matter what.

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My Father would say:

“If you are going to do something, do it right the first time so you don’t have to do it over again.”

My Mother, on the other hand, would say something like:

“You are your reputation.  All you have is your name at the end of the day and, when you work in the public, that is important.”

I’ve heard this for as long as I can remember.   So, I grew up knowing that it was expected that I do the best I could at whatever the task might be.  It was not something I consciously learned or suddenly understood.  No, it was a part of who they made me to be.




The Choices, the Path &  the Spark

Did it mean that I’ve always done my best?  No, absolutely not.

I am not human but I KNEW when I wasn’t doing my best.  I may not have stopped it. I may not have acknowledged it.  I may not even realized at the time that my best was not what I was doing – but somewhere deep down…I knew.

I was, and thankfully still am, blessed to have the parents I have.  I say it now more than ever while they are still here.   They were not perfect as is no parent but they made me who I am today.

The path we choose in life is influenced by our parents.  Either because of the positive or negative impact they have because of their presence in our lives or the lack thereof.   We make choices.  We make decisions based on what parental figures give us and OUR choices place us on a path.   Every day this happens and will continue to happen until we die.

But, at the end of the day….we may have a history…we may have a lot of things….but we have a spark within us that is our own unique identifier.

HRtoWHO, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones HR, Mississippi Kyle JonesOr, as some might say, we have a purpose.

Some of us may spend our entire lives never finding it – constantly searching – constantly yearning for what it is we are supposed to do.  Some of us may know from childhood what it is we do that is our spark.

I’m still searching mine but I do know that words are part of the spark.




What is your Spark?

So, back to understanding why it is important to do your best.   I think it is important to evaluate sometimes why we do what we do.

What makes us tick?

Maybe, if we take time to learn the WHY it might provide some insight into our own lives that is more than what we realized was there before.

So, I now as you, have you found your spark?

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