What Happens to Comfort When Familiarity is Removed?

The following commentary deals with familiarity and comfort – and their absence. I ask you these questions:

  • What is it about us that makes us wonder if we are good enough?
  • What makes us doubt ourselves when we should know better?

What Happens to Comfort When Familiarity is Removed?

We work hard. We go to work and give our very best and, over time, we may accumulate accolades for that work. We may apply for positions and not get them – or we might. We choose to stay at a company – or we leave for other pastures. I say other pastures because the other might be greener or it might not be. Regardless, the longer we stay somewhere eventually means the creation of a level of familiarity. In turn, that familiarity creates comfort.

Familiarity is defined as:

close acquaintance with or knowledge of something.: “increase customer familiarity with a product”.

Comfort is defined as:

he easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.: “a few words of comfort” “they should take comfort that help is available”.

Definitions via Google Dictionary.


What happens to Comfort by Kyle Jones of HR to WHOFor me, I think we begin to question our actions and doubt our strengths. That nagging voice in the back of our minds might say we are not good enough. We may question our worth. We may fear the unknown.

And….fear is good, but we can’t allow fear to control or hinder us. It is times of uncertainty that we must remember our work – our history – should speak for itself. If we have worked hard and strived to be a fantastic employee, then a fantastic employee we will be for the future.

Basically, long story short, if comfort and familiarity are removed, the new situation might create an opportunity to explore a new chapter.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree that it is sometimes better to step outside our comfort zones – either on social media or in person?  What are your thoughts?

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