HR to Who 2013

I used to make a lot of videos when I was in high school using equipment that would be considered archaic by today’s standards.  Technology has provided me – and Apple, too – with the tools to make in minutes what took hours before. The following video is something that I created as a look back at some of the moments from HR to Who 2013.  I hope you enjoy.

HR to Who 2013



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Musical  Acknowledgement

The track is titled “Infinite Potential” and is by the great Murray Gold and is available via iTunes. The track is from a Doctor Who soundtrack.

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About Kyle Jones

Kyle JonesI am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and have been with the company since June 1996.  My tenure with the company has provided experience in customer service, accounting, marketing and social media in addition to HR.

I’ve served in a volunteer leadership role on both the local and state SHRM levels.  I currently serve as Co-Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM and  2014-2015 Social Media Director for South MS SHRM.

Finally, this blog is my creative outlet and doorway to the world of Doctor Who and HR blogging. I’ve provided guests posts to several HR blogs and have been featured on

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