Married With Cattle

Television loves a comeback and the viewers love to rally behind cult favorites. We’ve seen successful television reboots (Battlestar Galactica) and continuations (Doctor Who, Dallas). I find myself asking in recent weeks if Fox had introduced audiences to a new breed of Bundys.  Only this time, It wasn’t Al Bundy – it was Cliven Bundy. It wasn’t Married With Children…it is Married With Cattle.


Married with Cattle

Did I seriously think that Cliven Bundy is a TV character along the lines of Al Bundy? I don’t think that he is but he COULD be.  But, I must realize – as must we all – that it isn’t poor Cliven’s fault. He’s simply the latest to gather the cattle to his cause.
Cliven Bundy, Married with Cattle
What is his cause? It doesn’t really matter. I don’t want this post to be another voice to his rhetoric.  He only represents the latest of many Hot Topic Figureheads that certain factions find it ever-so-easy to latch onto to further their own agendas. We’ve all seen them.  We know who they are.




The Cattle Go Running


A herd of cattle chased me across a field when I was about ten. It was around lunchtime and I was ready for lunch. The only problem preventing me from eating was my grandfather’s absence. He was still in the field doing something I don’t remember.

So, as any headstrong and hungry boy might do, I ventured to go to him and get him to come inside for lunch.

I saw the herd of cattle between myself and his tractor. They were resting and didn’t notice me at first. When I reached the halfway mark, they did. Some stood and looked at me.  Others followed as they began walking in my direction.

I didn’t know why so I turned around and moved backwards.  I looked back to see the herd following.  I picked up the page and so did they. I began to run and so did they.  I ran probably faster than I’ve ever run with lunch no longer being important.

I didn’t know that the herd thought I was coming to feed them. I didn’t know they were doing as they had been trained and were not a threat. My ignorance of this fact created a misguided fear.



The Media Cattle Gather


How does this have anything to do with Mr. Bundy?

Married With Cattle, Cliven BundyLet’s assume that the media are cattle. Let’s assume that politicians who latch onto figureheads in hopes of obtaining demographics are cattle. Do they not begin to mindlessly follow when they see a figure in the distance?  Sometimes, if that figure is someone that might be of benefit, they do.

When the figure begins to run away, they run faster to them. They do not know that the person they are following has nothing for them. Like me as a child, I might be running from them because I want nothing to do with them. But, I could be a total wacko, and welcome the herd with open arms and bask in the light of their adoration. It is only when I say something totally off the wall that is so very disruptive that the herd as no option but to take a second look.


The Herd Runneth


Something happens at this point. The figurehead changes. The herd now begins to run so quickly that one might think the once-loved figure is nothing more than someone who now leads them to the slaughter.

That is true. It can lead the reputations to slaughter.  

One could argue that I am also one of those cattle by simply writing this post. After all, am I not writing about Mr. Bundy for my own purposes?

Yes, I am; however, there is a difference.

I have not publicly supported Mr. Bundy. I’ve not rallied to his cause on social and/or broadcast media.  I am not running in the other direction now that Mr. Bundy is making statements that are controversial and, quite frankly, inappropriate and offensive.

I would hope that this is a lesson to those who were so quick to lend Mr. Bundy their support and favor. He is not perfect as are none of us. Just be aware of the figure in the distance because sometimes they have nothing for you. Leave them alone. A rose by any other name may not smell so sweet but a skunk will always be.

For me, this is one TV program I hope to never see.  This is one story that I’ll happily see replaced by the next hot topic.


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