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by: Kyle Jones

MegaGate Social Network


The arrival of social media changed the way we communicate on both a professional and personal level.   MegaGate invites you to join our conversation on a variety of different social networks.  

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We know that not all networks are the same and different people may choose to use a different network.   Don’t use Facebook or Twitter?  Don’t worry.  We’re also on Google+ and LinkedIn.  Do you prefer email?  No problem.

Listed below are links across social networks. We invite you to join our online conversation on any of the networks you might use.

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Our central source of content is MegaBytes, our official blog, and our Support Page. Both are located on our website.

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Contact us by email using the following:

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Facebook is our primary social media platform as it allows us to share information with the public but to also receive messages from our customers, our community and anyone else who might like to comment.   We can be found at

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LinkedIn is the premier business social network.   Follow us on LinkedIn for company announcements, product information, job openings and much more.   We can be found on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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Google+ was introduced in 2011 and has quickly become the chosen social network for many.   Add us to your circle by visiting

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Twitter is known for the 140 character limit allowing users to share information and follow anyone whether they are next door or on the other side of the globe.   MegaGate has a variety of Twitter accounts customized by content.  Follow us on Twitter using the following:

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Pinterest is newer to the scene but has gained immense popularity in a very short time.   Join us on Pinterest by following us at

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About the Author


Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi SHRM, HRtoWHO, HR blogger, Doctor Who

Kyle Jones


I am a fan of comic books, science fiction, gadgets and a devoted fan of Doctor Who. Professionally, I am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and served as the first Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM. I am a longtime SHRM member and continue to serve the HR profession online and as an advisor to MSSHRM council members.


Finally, this blog is my creative outlet and doorway to the world of Doctor Who and HR blogging. For more information, visit one of the following social networks/sites:Interview Me Not, HR to WHO, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HR, Doctor Who,



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