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In 2013 I began the search to find Human Resource bloggers in the state of Mississippi. While that search has not uncovered any fellow bloggers, a session at the 19th Annual Mississippi Human Resource Conference & Expo revealed many who want to learn more and take part in the writing process. Yes, there are Mississippi writers and bloggers! I’ve created something that may serve as a central online meeting place of those individuals – and anyone else who is interested in writing or blogging.


Mississippi Writers and Bloggers, Kyle Jones

Mississippi Writers and Bloggers

History has shown that Mississippians have the power of the pen. The list of Mississippi writers include (to name just a few):

The proverbial inkwell cannot be dry. This is especially true living in an age of technology not seen when the likes of Faulkner and Williams wrote their first works. We’ve advanced even from the time when Grisham crafted a story and told us of A Time to Kill or when Gwen Keys Hitt recounted her hometown history in Covington Crossroads. The typewriter is no more. We have tools at our disposal that open the doors to creativity. What do we need to do? We need to use the tools.


Facebook Group



Mississippi HR Bloggers, Mississippi Writers and Bloggers, Kyle Jones


The goal was to create a virtual meeting ground. I considered a website/blog and I considered using a LinkedIn Group + a Facebook Group + a Twitter account + a Google+ community. All may one day be done but I chose to use one of the rules of social media success. Less is more. Therefore, Facebook won the first round. The group’s name is Mississippi Writers & Bloggers but don’t let the name fool you. The group is open to anyone who is interested in the subject – but mainly directed to those living in/around Mississippi. Does your job require writing?  Are you in public relations, journalism, or any other related field?  If so, this group is also for you. My goal is to network as many Mississippi writers as possible. Join me on this journey. Visit the group at:


Mississippi Writers and Bloggers, Kyle Jones Author

As always, please share your comments or contact me if you have any questions.


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