Human Resources: My Essential HR Week

I’ve been quiet on social media this week.  Actually, I’ve been quiet in general because I had too much to do in too short a timeframe. But I wouldn’t take it back for anything. This week I met nine people who I hope I positively affected in some small way.

An Essential Week


2013 Annual Conference

Several of my Human Resources friends from Mississippi SHRM traveled to Chicago this week for the 2013 annual SHRM conference.  I think, from all indication, that it was a great event. For me, I spent the weeknights from first part of the week in preparation for the two-day instructor-led version of the SHRM Essentials ® of HR Management certification course being offered at the University of Southern Mississippi.  Blogging easily took a second-seat as I devoted time to those who I would meet on Thursday morning.



SHRM Essentials ® of Human Resource Management


I’d like to share information about SHRM Essentials ® before continuing.


According to the SHRM website:

This program is ideal for those who are just starting out in the HR profession, perform HR duties, or are looking for an effective way to boost their employee-management skills. Recently updated content reflects changes in legislation and provides an overview of HR roles and responsibilities, giving participants critical knowledge to help reduce costs, avoid potential lawsuits, and improve their ability to handle challenging HR issues.


This program helps participants gain an understanding areas ranging from employee benefits, recruitment, compensation, regulatory agencies and much, much more.  To learn more about the SHRM Essentials ® of Human Resource Management course, click here.


Thursday & Friday


It was my pleasure to be introduced to a variety of people including military (both current and reserve), healthcare, food processing, delivery and library management.  The discussions were lively and the response was insightful.  And, I’m happy to say, I learned something from each one of the nine.

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It is my intention to send each person a contact name for someone with his/her local chapter. I will also send information on Mississippi SHRM to those staying in Mississippi and hope to see each of them at the 19th Annual Mississippi Human Resource Conference & Expo in Biloxi, MS next in May 2014.

Would you like to know more about the program offerings provided by the University of Southern Mississippi?

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