My John Simm to Michelle Gomez Fan Made Regeneration Sequence

Assuming The Mistress (Missy) is the next incarnation of the Master after the one last seen in 2010’s The End of Time, Part II, fans have not seen the regeneration. With a bit of help from an online GIF maker and then from iMovie, I created my John Simm to Michelle Gomez fan made regeneration sequence.

The Master Regenerates

Like The Doctor, the Master is a Time Lord and has the ability to regenerate. Yet, unlike The Doctor, he doesn’t always continue by regeneration. I’ve showcased some of his most famous regenerations below.

The following regeneration is the result of the original actor to play the role, Roger Delgato’s untimely death.

And the following is my fan made sequence, but, before I share it. Why don’t we take a look back on Missy’s revelation that she was The Mistress!?!?!

She couldn’t very well keep calling herself the Master, now could she?


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