Need Help With Your Facebook Page? Ask Google+ Communities for Help!



I wrote a post on July 15, 2013 about a Facebook Page issue I experienced when updating the HR to Who Facebook Page and I named the post Facebook Page Issue: Getting Feedback from Google+. My feedback came not on Facebook or from anyone with Facebook. Instead, it came from participants in various Google+ Communities.


No Help from Facebook

Question Mark on HR to Who by Kyle Jones for Mississippi SHRM

Today is September 15, 2013 – two months since my original Facebook post.  Two months since I requested assistance from Facebook. Two months since I posted on Google+. Two months to allow Facebook to respond. Two months and…no…response.

I am not alone in my frustration and am not the only one who has the same issue.  Many do and, based on information found on the Facebook help boards, it is not limited to community pages as I’ve seen business pages with the same issue. It appears to be random.


Facebook Page Issue

For anyone who may not have read the earlier post, let’s review the issue.

Facebook page issues found by Kyle Jones of Mississippi HR

Facebook Page SOS

I am able to post as Kyle Jones and as the page on my HR to Who page (  I am able to update privacy settings and add admins but I am not able to update page information. The following steps have been completed in my attempt to correct the issue:


  1. Verified that I could make changes to my other pages.
  2. Attempted to make the change as myself and as the page.
  3. Unpublished the page and republished it.
  4. Added another admin and attempted to update information as the other person.
  5. Attempted on both Mac and PC – just in case.
  6. Sent feedback to Facebook.
  7. Posted Facebook question.
  8. Waited to see if it corrected itself

Kyle Jones submits issue to Facebook.

Submitted today to Facebook reporting the issue AGAIN.

The Facebook Broken Pages Saga


The saga continues.  Maybe Facebook will fix the issue.  Maybe it will resolve itself.  Maybe???

I am thankful for those who commented on my Facebook Help Topic stating they also had issues similar or identical to my own.  I am thankful to the members of the Social Media Today Community on Google+ for their insight and suggestions.

Is Google+ a ghost town? I don’t think so. I do believe there is an abandoned social media “town” somewhere out there in the vast world-wide-web. How do I know this? It’s simple and is obviously the destination of all my requests for help.




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