Random Acts of HR Kindness: Making a Human Resource Impact

I’ve heard that a simple, random act of kindness can go a long way.  When I first heard it was, most likely, when I was a child; however, this week I was reminded of the powerful impact on those who are the recipients of those acts.  This post is my public way of saying “THANK YOU” to those who took time out of their day to help brighten and enlighten my week.  It is my hope that this recognition provides a bit of the same to those mentioned below.  Even better….maybe it will help inspire me to continue those acts and also inspire others to do the same.

Social Media Interactions

There’s no need for me to sing the praises of social media because, if you are reading this blog post, you must have some affinity for it.   But, I will say this……it makes our large world so much smaller.  Amazing!

It goes without saying…thank you to my fellow Mississippi SHRM members  and other HR professionals in Mississippi who commented on the HRtoWHO Facebook page.  You are part of the inspiration for what I do.    Thank you to other new HR connections that I’ve followed on other media but have now accepted the friendship invitation, too.  Greatly appreciated.


 Steve Browne – No Everyday Wednesday

HRtoWho, Kyle Jones HR, SHRM, Mississippi HRI received a call this past Wednesday from Steve Browne.  Steve and I have randomly interacted over the past year (approximately) on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.   I’d posted something online and Steve commented that he was unaware of my HR Blogger status and inquired about the upcoming Mississippi SHRM conference.  (Quite honestly, I’d never thought of myself as being an HR Blogger until his comment and also reading a post by Victorio Milian at Creative Chaos.)  I replied to Steve via email and was totally shocked to get a call from him.

Now, it’s not like I’ve never received a phone call before but this was totally unexpected and his words word encouraging.  So, Steve, this week your blog may be called Everyday People but you, my friend, proved to make it no everyday Wednesday….you helped to make it EXTRAORDINARY!

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ReTweets & Favorites

Every Twitter user Retweets or Favorites content.  It’s the equivalent of Facebook’s Like and Share.  This week, however, the Retweets/Favorites shown on the images on this post brightened my day.  I couldn’t show images of all interactions and randomly chose these.  Yet, to everyone who interacted… from Dave Ryan to ILSHRM to Tara Mauk Arthur and others….I say “THANK YOU” once more.HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, DaveRyan

Carolyn Richardson, PhD.

The week ended with a call around 4:25pm CST.  I knew I would be working some over the weekend preparing for next week – both for the conference and for the work time I would miss – and had decided to leave a few minutes early.  I was disconnecting my Mac and packing things up.   A couple of people, ready for the weekend, were talking outside my office.   Then, the phone rang and I answered.Carolyn Richardson, PhD

The person on the other end introduced herself.  Unfortunately for me I could not clearly hear the conversation but was able to hear some of it.  I heard “comment”, “LinkedIn” and “who better at social media?”   I was clueless and quickly tried to power up the computer.  The person I now know to be Carolyn Richardson, PhD. must have thought to herself, “Why did I waste my time calling this guy?  He obviously doesn’t want to talk!”

I asked if she could hold one moment and allow me to shut my door to block the noise. (I wear hearing aids and if the call isn’t clear – my interpretation is sometimes not the best.)  I returned to the call and discovered who she was and why she had called (see image).   I was shocked, humbled and totally in awe of her words.  The fact that she took time out on a Friday afternoon to reach out to me was the icing on the cake.Carolyn Richardson, PhD on HR to WHO by Kyle Jones

I asked Carolyn to ask for me next  week and truly hope she does.  I want to say “THANK YOU” face-to-face for making the perfect ending to a great week.

Random Acts of Next

I hope that this posts shows that there is good in the world without sounding too corny.  I hope it shows that a simple act of a few seconds may be something that brightens the day for someone else.   It may be the difference, quite litterally, of a bad or good day for someone.   Yes, I am sure none of those mentioned above set out to make Kyle Jones feel better but that was the result.  Unexpected.  Unrequested. But, most certainly NOT unappreciated!  No…VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

I hope this inspires someone and inspires me  to give the same Random Acts and to go into this next hour…next week….next month….NEXT….

Additional Information

  • The following contact information is for the Human Resource (and others) professionals mentioned in this post.
  • To learn more about Steve Browne, visit his blog, Everyday People, by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Dave Ryan, visit his blog, HR Official, by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Lisa Rosendahl, visit her blog, Lisa Rosendahl: Story Flow Tribe, by clicking here.  
  • To learn more about Illinois SHRM, visit their website by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Tara Mauk Artur, visit the Arkansas SHRM website by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Carolyn Richardson, PhD., visit her company’s LinkedIn profile by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Susan Avello, visit her About.me profile by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Dustin Havercamp, visit the Kansas State Council of SHRM’s website by clicking here.

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