10 Reasons to Avoid Using Justcloud.com

by: Kyle Jones

We store our content differently than the way we did even two years ago mainly because technology has reached the point to allow us to do so.  I have used Box.net, Dropbox.com and Google Drive at various times and like different things about them.  Each service had their own set of pros-and-cons but I would recommend them to anyone – even the two I no longer use.   They are all three reputable in my opinion.  Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Justcloud.com for ten reasons.  Yes, these are my 10 reasons to avoid using Justcloud.com.

10 Reasons to Avoid Using Justcloud.com


New Year’s Day

I had used Google Drive’s $4.99/100GB package since Google released the service.  Unfortunately, I found it confusing and cumbersome to sync pictures with Drive and Picasa plus having my other primary address as part of Google Apps made it even more confusing. So, I chose to downgrade Google Drive and go with another service.  The other choices:  Box, Dropbox or iCloud. The top two:  Dropbox or iCloud.

The Mistake


I made a mistake, however, and did one final Google search and took a look at Justcloud.com.   And, being New Year’s Day, I must have been overcome with New Year excitement and signed up for the service.

This was a mistake which would cost me time, effort and caused much frustration.

The Justcloud.com Saga Begins


I received my welcome email/instructions at 5:25pm on January 01, 2012.  Next, I downloaded the app and files began their backup process.  At first, I thought “ok, not bad” but my opinion quickly changed.

Justcloud.com delivers strong-arm tactics when attempting to cancel.

Let me say this before we continue.   Each company has their own set of rules and regulations.  I just find them to be a company I do not wish to recommend based on how they handled my account.

First Reason


I reviewed the various options available only to find out that the majority of features (faster uploads, removal of smaller file size limits) required an additional fee.  I did not feel that this service was what I needed.  I did not want to pay additional fees after I had already paid for two (yes, two) years of monthly premiums.  So, I looked at the website to find the method to cancel.  I did so by emailing my cancellation request at 6:12pm as per the website’s instructions.   This was less than one hour after account creation.

My email said:

This is not the service I thought it would be.   Please see below for account information.   This account was created less than one (1) hour ago and I wish to cancel this service and receive a full refund of purchased price due to the limited amount of time of account activity.   I do not wish to have this service and will delete your software from my machine upon sending this email.
Please notify me via email upon crediting and/or cancellation of charge.

Second Reason

It was my thought that the first attempt to cancel plainly stated the request.  However, I can understand a company’s desire to retain customers. But, upon receiving an email response at 8:10pm, I began to be unhappy with how they chose to handle cancellation requests.

The responding employee stated:

I’m really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your account wish us.  I can see that our software is installed on your computer and already backing up your files securely online.

In my original request I said I would remove the software and, while aggravated I was, I did not like the tone of “I can see that OUR software” comment.

Justcloud.com customer service issue

Read the fine print!

He went on to inform me that:

 So before I can cancel your account, I would like to understand if you are facing any problem, so I can ideally fix any issues.  We would really like to resolve any problems but if you do not wish to proceed please confirm that you wish to cancel. By not replying your ticket will remain on hold and we will not know you wish to continue with cancellation.


What if I had not paid attention to the email response and assumed it was simply a confirmation?


Third Reason


I responded as follows at 9:55pm:

I sent a follow-up email soon after sending the original request confirming that the software has been removed from my machine.   I can provide another screenshot if necessary.  I sent a screenshot of the charges in an email.  Both of these were sent as replies to the ticket – not as additional tickets as were the instructions.

I do not wish to have this service.  It is not what was expected and the requirements for additional upgrades are not what I understood it to be.   Again, I do not want this service and request again that it be cancelled and that I not be charged.  While my account has now been active for almost five hours, my original request to cancel was made within 45 minutes of account activation.

Please promptly cancel this and provide confirmation of either credit of any and all charges or cancellation of pending charges.   I do not wish to have this service.


I received the following response at 11:37pm:

I’m really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your Online Backup Account with us.

I would love to offer you 50%  discount on your current plan as a goodwill gesture if I can get you to stay. Please let me know if you would like me to arrange 70% discount on your current plan and add the difference in amount as credits for you to stay a happy Justcloud customer.

Please confirm how you wish to proceed.


Fourth Reason


So, after requesting TWICE to disconnect, I still was asked to confirm my request. 

I was not happy.

I did not see the email until the following day and replied to it 7:34pm on January 02, 2013.  My reply was not as courteous as before and I included my second attempt attached to this THIRD attempt.  It stated:

I do not wish to have this service and requested cancellation within one hour of activation.  I responded again to another agent, see below, after being asked if there were issues and could those be resolved.  I stated several times in that response that I would like to cancel and your efforts to save the account are noted.   However, I am making my third formal request to cancel this service.  I do not wish to have the service and expect full credit of charges.  I have been at work all day and have just now had an opportunity to check to see if I had received confirmation of cancellation and of credit or halt of charges.

Justcloud.com, Poor Customer Service


Again, this is my third formal request to cancel this service.  I am noting in my files the date and time of all requests since I’ve received counter-offers each time I’ve made the request with instructions asking me to confirm how I wish to proceed.  I do not wish to have this service and ask that prompt attention is given to the cancellation and refund.

Third times’ a charm – right?


Fifth Reason


I received the following response at 2:34am on January 03, 2013.  It was another counter-offer:

Thank you for your email. We really are so sad you wish to leave we want to offer you one final offer you will not believe or see anywhere else. How about a free year of backup? We will refund you what you have paid and your subscription will continue to run for free for 12 months. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

While the refund for 12-months was mentioned (I paid for 24-months) it still did not cancel the account.

Would you be frustrated?  I know I was 100% angry at this point.

I responded the following at 7:46pm on the same day:

I appreciate the offer for 12 free months but I do not wish to have this service.  This is my fourth formal request to cancel a service that I originally requested disconnected on Tuesday within a hour of account setup.   I do not have your software on my machine and do not wish to have a service like the one offered by your company.

Please promptly confirm cancellation and refund.  This is my final decision as was my original decision.

I thought this would be the end.

Reason Six


On January 04, 2013 at 4:33 AM, I received the following:

I am sorry you still wish to cancel.  Due to security protocols we must follow we require you to call us to complete the cancellation of your account.

Please call:

US: 1-888-320-5483

CA: 1-888-778-1138

UK: 0844 445 7768

AU: 61-1800-072-780

Our phone team is available 24/7, handling user data requires this two stage cancellation process.

Why was this not made available to me originally or disclosed that I needed to speak with someone?  Why was the cancellation necessary via both telephone and email and this not be disclosed until January 04 when I cancellation attempts began on January 01?


Reason Seven


I was LIVID, to say the least.   I called the US number and spoke to someone who said her name was Lovely.   I mention her by name as she was the ONLY positive impression I have of this company.   Also, my stating her name is not an attempt to “call her out” as being an employee but to thank her for her graciousness on the phone.

I began the call by telling her that I was frustrated and that I apologized in advance.  I told her that I was not upset with her but with her company.  I told her that I realized she was only doing her job and that my tone was not directed at her.

Justcloud.com makes cancellation difficult

After four attempts via email

She verified my information, apologized and stated that she cancelled my account.   I told her that I would like to state for the record that her company used “strong-arm” tactics to keep customers and that I thought this was not appropriate.   She emailed me a verification of cancellation.

While she was nice…this was STILL ANOTHER attempt to cancel.  It should have been a simple process.



Reason Eight


I received ANOTHER email from Justcloud.com today at 6:17am.    It stated:

Regrettably we need phone confirmation as well as email to completely cancel an account. This is simply for security reasons.  Data is precious and we can’t afford to cancel an account in error and/or loose our customers’ files, we just need to verify your cancellation over the phone.

Please call:

US: 1-888-320-5483

CA: 1-888-778-6107

UK: 0844 445 7768

AU: 61-1800-072-780

Our phone team is available 24/7.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


I wanted to ask, “Did you not take a look at the account to see that I had cancelled?” Therefore, I responded at 8:57am: 

I have spoken with someone after I sent this email.  You should have checked to see this before sending this email reply.  The fact that you did not is another example of the poor customer service provided by your company.   After receiving email confirmation of cancellation and credit as I did last night, I will consider any other generic attempts to validate why I need to keep your service as a direct disregard to my request.  This company uses strong-arm tactics to keep customers and it is both unethical and bad business.

You should have seen this if you had checked the account before responded to the email.  This is a circumstance for which I shall seriously consider contacting the appropriate agency to report these tactics so that no other customer must go through FIVE attempts before getting confirmation of cancel.  I will never recommend this company and will, instead, warn others to not fall victim to your tactics as did I.


Reason Nine


This was originally just six reasons but changed to ten as I typed this post.

I received a call from 1-855-263-8797 at 2:41pm.   She informed me that she was from Justcloud in the US and saw that I had recently cancelled my service.  She asked if there was anyway to get me to come back.

I wanted to say…”REALLY?  I MEAN…REALLY?”

I told her no and that I thought her company was both unethical and unprofessional to which she responded with a closing and ended the call.

I received another email from Justcloud.com at 2:58pm.  It stated:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I can confirm that your account has been fully cancelled and any refund due will be received within 7-10 working days.  Please be aware any information will be deleted upon cancellation in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Reason Ten


I do not feel confident and will not feel confident that I’ve been cancelled until the funds owed to me are returned.




Want to know the saddest part?  While I may not like Comcast based on 17-years of dealings, I have to at least say that they offer service pretty much consistently and do fix the problems USUALLY when they occur.  I don’t know if this is over at this point.  It might not be!  I have not received my credit and am almost to the point of not posting this in fear of their finding some cause of not refunding the price paid.

But, in the end…it is simple.  I had it less than an hour. I requested to disconnect.   I followed their instructions repeatedly.  I received confirmation.   They owe me.

Has anyone else had this same experience with this company?

If so, it would be nice to know that I am not the only one!


  • Mike

    My dealings with JustCloud are similar. I cancelled after 1 day and the flow of responses was pretty much the same as you have received. I am now on “Reason 6”

  • Ken Vartich

    ugh! I am on day 4 of trying to cancel. I like you tried to cancel within the hour of trying the service… and trying to cancel has just been totally brutal… The last email I received after confirming by email I wish to cancel for the 3rd time started by stating, “That they were happy I decided to stay with them”.. I am totally fuming! In no way did I ever say I was happy to stay with them…” Maybe I will contact them by phone, since you have it listed here… I been trying to cancel for the last 4 days… I hate company’s like this!

    • I know the feeling. It was the most aggressive attempt to prevent a disconnect that I’ve EVER experienced. The phrase “strong-arm” comes to mind. It was almost like “you’ve signed up..you are NOT disconnecting.” It also made me feel that they were trying to “Trap” me by the way they worded responses.

    • How goes the cancellation?

  • otto

    this is too funny im on day 5 of cancelling my account and i only had it for 30 minutes before i realized how much better my dropbox was lol this company sucks

  • otto

    too my last posts THEY WILL NOT STOP CALLING

  • Christina

    I was traveling abroad and wanted something to back up my photos in case I lost my external hard drive. Paid for unlimited and then found they wouldn’t backup from my hard drive without paying for more. So, I asked to cancel about 2 weeks after. They didn’t try strong-arming me, but instead chose not to respond even though I kept trying to email them (difficult to do when traveling….would much rather be out than emailing customer service). It took them over 2 months to get back to me, then had the temerity to tell me they couldn’t refund any money because it was past the 30-day money back. I had to send multiple strongly-worded emails before they finally cancelled. Then I received a missed call on my Google Voice number, googled it, and laughed when your blog post showed up as the 1st search result. They must have been calling to try to win me back. NEVER!

    • WOW! That is so saddening to hear that this happened to you, too! I am all for a company attempting to retain customers – that is the nature of business. However, you retain customers based on customer service NOT strong arm and underhanded tactics!!!!

  • Alessandro Bambi

    Hi,I’m from Italy, I subscribed Justcloud in October 2012 (2 years subscription).

    I had an HD failure and I lost ALL my data (more than 100GB) but I thought I was lucky because I had all my files backed up on Justcloud.

    Unfortunately their software couldn’t download all the files (about 100000) and they sent me a beta of their software with which I was able to download nearly all the files.

    I have 1000 files which are present in the backup but aren’t downloaded, I asked via mail for a solution but after 40 days thy said that my files are lost and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    I then asked for a refund at least of the amount I paid to them because it isn’t possible that a backup service lose my files and they told that they only have 30 days money back guarantee.

    I checked on their Terms & conditions


    so it seems that they offer a service for which they have no responsability at all.

    I asked to be deleted from their database because I will never use again their service and I’m using a different backup solution (Crashplan) but they always answer with preset answers that are not congruous with my questions

    I still have 9 months of subscription but my last email is


    I can’t believe it, I don’t know what to say…

  • John

    My cancellation was relatively quicker than yours, mainly for the reason that they don’t want me anymore.

    These guys offer unlimited storage, but cut you off after you reach 800GB. The sad part is I wasn’t even using that much. Their software showed I’m over 800GB, but my local storage shows just over 600GB. Rather than fixing the issue, their method is ignore all clients tickets until they are pissed off enough to want to cancel. At which point they all of a sudden become very responsive. Go figure.

    • That is sad that you had a bad experience, too. What is also sad is that this post was written in January 2014 and you are having issues in February 2014. I honestly do not have any personal issues or gain from this post other than my own VERY negative experience. It amazes me how a company has such poor customer service.

  • adam

    Well, here I am looking to cancel. I should have really done my research better. Since this was posted over 9 months ago, I hope they actually changed their cancellation process so it will be easier for me. Well..they have yet to respond to my cancel/refund ticket but they’ll answer my other ticket quickly.

  • funguy74

    I too, had the almost EXACT SAME experience. These guys are pathetic, and like you said, unethical.

  • angie.k.lewis@gmail.com

    I hate JustCloud!!!! I am not one who cries (like ever) but this company had me in tears. I paid and paid and paid all the stupid increments to make sure my files were being backed up because I knew my computer was on its last legs. I thought all was well. Then my computer died. I thought, “No problem. I’ll just put everything on my laptop by downloading it from JustCloud.” When I went to do that, all my folders were there, but not all my files. For whatever reason, some just simply weren’t there. When I called to complain and of course demand a refund, they made out like it was my fault. They said I had failed to download the latest version of the software and that’s why only some of the files were there. (What?!)

    We went back and forth via email and phone, but I was never refunded a penny. I was sick over losing so many of my files (mostly family photos) and I was sick that I paid $200+ for crap. To me it was obvious that I had cancelled, but just the other day, a year after all this mess, a charge showed up on my bank account for nearly $150, an auto renewal for JustCloud. I called them immediately and had it refunded. I was amazed to see that the charge was refunded without a hassle.

    Just to end on a happy note, a few weeks ago I discovered that every single one of my files had been on Google+ the whole time. Google+ had been automatically backing them up via Picasa all along and I had no idea until I discovered it using my iPhone. And all for FREE!

    I look forward to the day when someone sues JustCloud and shuts them down for good. I will never get my money back, but when they close their doors it will feel like a victory to me.

    • Angie,

      It’s saddening that you had to go through this but I am happy to read that your pictures were available still on Google+.

      I suggest verifying your refund if you have not already done so. My experience, as you read, makes me weary of Justcloud.com personnel following through with what they say they will do.

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  • Steve

    I wish i would have seen this before I went with JC. Seemed pretty simple when searching for a cloud backup and there were apps for it. However, I started using Google Drive and Dropbox and found them just easier to work with. I had a 6mo subscription and shame on me for not cancelling after a week when I stopped using it.

    I emailed cancel@justclould.com on 9/15 @ 11:45am to cancel account – I no longer use JC services. Please cancel ASAP so I don’t get billed again.
    I immediately received a ticket# and said I would be contacted within 24hrs.
    Received reply from JC 9/15 @ 2:10pm asking for why I wish to cancel… offering a 50% discount… and needing confirmation that I MUST reply or my request will stay on hold.
    Replied 9/15 @ 2:57pm stating “I haven’t used your services for the past few months. Please cancel.”
    Received reply from JC 9/16 @ 10:47am asking to further explain what happened and if they let me down. Offered a gesture of goodwill of 3 months free service and required my reply or else my request would be on hold. Why would I want 3 more free months if I don’t use your service?
    Replied 9/16 @ 11:32am stating “Please just cancel. There were no problems. I am not and will not be using your service.”
    At approx 4:50pm 9/16, my AV on my desktop found the desktop exe for JC as a virus and quarantined it! Thankfully I had never installed the software – however I did use their web based tool.
    Received reply from JC 9/17 @ 8:03am stating “We can confirm that your account has been fully cancelled” and also to “Please remember to cancel your subscription with PayPal”
    I promptly went into PayPal and removed JustClould from my billing.

    I will never recommend using JC to ANYONE! I cannot find anything positive about it anywhere. Pay for add-ons, etc. I will gladly stick with Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • I came upon this post looking who this 1888 number is. Thankfully I never answered. I received exactly the same email replies but didn’t get a third one. i simply just told them, look I wanna cancel cause I already paid google and I can’t pay for two similar services.

  • Gary Cameron

    This page appears as the second result when I searched for 1 888 320 5483. Typically I ignore toll-free numbers unless I know for sure who’s calling. Glad I did. After logging into my JustCloud account I discovered today is my renewal and it would appear my credit card did not process. Probably a good thing. After reading this page I won’t be renewing.

    The bastards also won’t let me access my data until I renew. Forget that. I don’t need anything at the moment and will just make sure everything critical is backed up elsewhere.

    Currently I’m considering https://spideroak.com/

  • My JustCloud app stopped working 6 months ago…I finally had the balls to create a support ticket…after they tried to fixed it a couple of times and they couldn’t, they canceled my account and offer to send me $8 back to my paypal (I paid $60 and it was only 3 months since I renewed). I cursed them out and never heard from them again. My data is gone, my money is gone! WOW JustCloud…really!


  • Hhhlll

    I’m a happy customer of theirs going on 4 years. I’ve had two HD failed in that time and recovery has been a good experience both times. I don’t mean to contradict you all, but this has been my actual experience.

    • Thanks for the comment. You should not apologize for your experience or your opinion. It is nice to hear of someone who had (or continues to have) a positive experience with them!

  • Whitney

    I had a poor experience with JustCloud myself. I cancelled the account via email as requested, but was still charged when my account renewed. When I pointed this out to them and asked for a refund, I got a response along the lines of, “Sorry, but we are subscribed under a service via PayPal and if you don’t cancel that, we can still charge you.” Basically, it was my own fault that I was charged! It would have been nice if they had told me this when I initially tried to cancel the service!

    The only reason I am at this website is because I tried to Google a phone number that has been harassing me for the past two days. For context, I sent my last grievances to them via email a month ago. Why are they choosing now to call me every day?

    I don’t recommend this company. Their customer service was pretty awful, to be honest.


      Whitney, I have the EXACT issue. thank goodness I used paypal because it is an easy way of denying payment.
      I also went through ( 6 reasons ) and then I jjust logged to paypal and kill the payment after they nailed me for another payment.
      I am also getting calls.

      Hhhlll has never researched other cloud storage options. He is paying 10 times more than he needs to.

      DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use Justcloud. pick ANYONE else.

      Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, IDrive spideroak copy.com amazon. ANYBODY. I would NEVER trust my data to a company like this. even as a second backup.
      DO NOT
      LOOK OUT

      If you did sign up call your creditcard company to deny payment or go to or CALL paypal and cancel subscription.

      I am just say’n

      • I have used Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. None of them gave the issues like Justcloud.com.

        I understand the need for customer retention. That is vital to any business. It is the tactics that I think we all question.

    • Whitney, your experience seems to mirror that of mine and several others. It’s sad to see that this still happens.

  • Peter Crosta

    This place is a JOKE. I have clicked on UNSUBSCRIBE a number of times and I continue to get their unwanted emails. I cannot believe this place!! So I finally picked up the phone and called 888-320-5483 and took a chance at speaking to a human being to get off the damn email list. After nearly a 40-minute wait on hold, I spoke to a rep who took all my particulars to cancel my trial membership and email. a joke

  • Mike Lodes

    I had three years of total frustration with this site. I had computer crash and lost all the info I thought was backed up on the cloud. I could get no response from the support service. There is “no” phone or online chat support or remote access to help with questions or problems accessing the files I was trying to restore. The on access to support was, email them a request for assistance and hope they contacts me back. There were times when I waited weeks before I received a reply. I asked to cancel my account and get a refund for the balance. I was told they do not refund. I cancelled the credit card account in order that they could not continue to charge me for service. They had charged me for additional year after I had emailed them to cancel my account. “Do not download this service”. They are a scam!

  • Good to see that you were able to get it resolved somewhat!

  • Cher

    So, here’s what I did. It’s a hassle if you pay nills by auto withdrawal, but it is well worth the hassle. Justcloud was auto withdrawing off my debit card. So, I went to the bank and cancelled that card and got a new card with a new number. Made some phone calls to the legit bill collectors and updated my info and-WHOOPS- left out Justcloud. Peace. 😊

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