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Discussing Who Episode 53

Join us as we review our own thoughts leading up to the Patty Jenkins directed film. Then, listen in on our conversations immediately before and after watching the movie. We’re Discussing Comics. We’re discussing WONDER WOMAN! Episode 53 features reviews, commentary, and more. Featuring Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and Sergio Lugo, II.  

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About the Episode

The weight of the DC Movie Universe fell upon the shoulders of Gal Gadot. Were fans ready for a woman to serve as the main character of a superhero movie? Would Wonder Woman gross fifty million in the first week? Or, would Wonder Woman fall victim to the dark and dismal portrayals that brought Boredom instead of Justice to Superman V. Batman? Would Diana be stranded on Themyscira or would she, after over 75 years, finally defeat naysayers and become the Queen of Superhero movies?

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