Thank You, Google, for Giving Google Drive a Facelift

Google Drive was released in April 2012 and has seen little-to-no cosmetic changes since. The web interface offered few features and, in my opinion, used a design that appeared outdated the day it was released. Now, after two years, I can finally say: Thank You, Google, for Giving Google Drive a Facelift!


The Good: The Rate Comparison

Kyle Jones, HR to Who, Google Drive

Google offers inexpensive storage when compared to other products such as Dropbox and iCloud. Currently, I pay $9.99/month for 100GB of online Dropbox storage. Dropbox seamlessly syncs across my devices without issue. In comparison, I could purchase 100GB of online storage from Google for only $1.99/month or the same price paid for Dropbox but receive 1TB of storage. (I assume both companies charge taxes.)  Why pay more for less?


The Good: The Research Tool


Google Doc’s Research tool serves as a primary reason for my continued use of Google Drive. I use Microsoft Word (2011 for Mac) and Pages when writing for business or print; however, Google Documents has become my default when writing online content. Docs are easy to use and are not resource hogs. I liked the tool so much that I wrote a post about it. To read the post, click here.

Would it be safe to assume I am a fan of Google Drive? After all, Google Documents plays a fundamental part of Drive. Or, maybe it is time for a change.

The Bad: Google Drive’s User Interface


Why didn’t I like Google Drive before? The Google+ photos and Google Drive for Mac app/services created duplicates of many files. Add that I didn’t like the web interface to the mix and the result becomes my return to Dropbox. The problem was cosmetic and simple. I didn’t like how it looked. Yes, the user interface was just …..bad.

Disclaimer: Before I continue I would like to comment that I am sure there may be a simple solution to the usability issues. Unfortunately, I was unable to find that solution online.  



The New: The Facelift Cometh


Maybe it was time for a change?

Maybe we needed to nip this and cut that?

Maybe Google needed to refresh Google Drive before the public launch of iCloud Drive?


Regardless, Google made a wise decision in making this change.

Accessing Google Drive today revealed an option to experience the new Google Drive.  Of course, being the geek that I am, I chose to switch to the new look. I am VERY happy with my choice. The changes are minimal but make great strides to improve the overall user experience.  So, thank you, Google for giving Google Drive a much needed facelift.





Do you use Google Drive or something else? How do you like the new layout?

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