Committing to Your Profession: To Do or Not To Do?


by: Jan Farve, PHR, CSP, ERS, CMSA

As Human Resources Professionals, we know the value of a sacred minute, the value of completing a “to-do” list, and the value of a stolen moment to focus on something outside of work; however, do we really work smart, or do we work hard at working hard?  Life can often become an endless string of phone calls, emails, and meetings.  When you add family in the mix, along comes another string of ball practices, sporting events, recitals and school programs.  Where do we find that balance between our “LIFE” and our “WORK” that is so valued and rare?

Committing to Your Profession:  To Do or Not To Do?

To Do Or Not To Do, HR to Who, Jan Farve, SHRM, Kyle JonesI’ve found that making that inevitable “commitment” to being a HR professional, often leads one to feel as though they are leaving the rest of their life behind.  That is so often what happens, resulting in inevitable burnout.  I encourage each of you to focus on what SHRM can do for you.  I am not going to preach about membership, or try to explain away the costs of membership…however; I will share with you what being committed to my profession has brought me.

My Journey With SHRM

Years ago, I started this SHRM journey, just because I’m an addict to service, and find it hard to say “no” when I asked about volunteering for something.  I’m glad I said “YES”!  This path has not only led me to know some of the greatest mentors I’ve ever met, but also, it has placed some of the best friends in my life, that I’m forever grateful for!HRJourney

SHRM provides a network of knowledge, some check yourself moments, and mentors that each HR practitioner will/could benefit from.  National SHRM provides an endless website of information, and your local SHRM provides connections.  Those connections, if you commit to them, will fastly become a chain of support that eases your stress in HR, and can be a value to your profession you may have never noticed.

TIP: Use those connections to help you talk through a situation at work, be a sounding board for a great idea, or give you ideas that could make that job “working smarter, not harder”.

This makes your work life much easier to balance with your home life.

Balancing Act

I encourage you all to be committed enough to your profession; to utilize the facets that SHRM can offer, and encourage others you know to do the same.  The value of knowing someone is there to call, someone to ask a question, or someone to gather “out of your box” thinking is just like having an HR Mastercard…it’s PRICELESS.  This makes committing to your profession a TO DO!

I would like to invite anyone who has not registered for the 19th Annual Mississippi SHRM Human Resource Conference & Expo to do so.  Visit today to register!


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